From the Dashboard

Using Uffizzi from the Dashboard

The Uffizzi Cloud Dashboard provides a web-based user interface for managing your Uffizzi Cloud account. The Uffizzi Cloud Dashboard is available at (opens in a new tab).

From the dashboard, you can create and manage environments, teams, and project settings, as well as, managing your account settings and billing information.

Create a New Cluster

Create a new Uffizzi Cluster from the dashboard by clicking the New Cluster button on the Environments page. You can choose your cluster's Kubernetes version and name, else default values will be provided.

Uffizzi Cloud Dashboard: Create a new cluster

View Cluster Details

To view cluster details simply click on the cluster dropdown button. Here you should be able to see the cluster's ingress address.

Uffizzi Cloud Dashboard: Environments List

Manage Project and Team Settings

Projects and team settings can be managed through the Projects and Members pages. You can set the role of each member of your team, as well as, manage each of the team members statuses as you can see in the screenshot below.

Uffizzi Cloud Dashboard: Projects, Members, and Settings