Uffizzi Self-Hosted
Uffizzi Business

Uffizzi Business

Uffizzi Business is our self-hosted option for teams looking to strike a balance between control and ease of use.

With Uffizzi Business you install the Uffizzi data plane on your own Kubernetes cluster, while the Uffizzi Cloud API (app.uffizzi.com) acts as the control plane. Requests from the CLI are routed through Uffizzi Cloud, while workloads run on your cluster.

Uffizzi Business offers all the same functionality as Uffizzi Cloud, with the added benefit of workloads running on your own host infrastructure.

Similar to Uffizzi Enterprise, you are responsible for the management and maintenance of your Kubernetes cluster, but this option also provides more flexibility and control over your infrastructure.


The following schematic illustrates the architecture of the Uffizzi Business installation:

Uffizzi Installation