Uffizzi Platform

Uffizzi Platform Options

The Uffizzi platform is a collection of services that implement ephemeral environments functionality, as well as provide controls for managing accounts, teams, and projects. You can interact with the Uffizzi platform via the Uffizzi CLI or Dashboard.

The Uffizzi platform is available as a hosted service via Uffizzi Cloud or for self-hosting.

What's the difference?

The following table provides a high-level comparison of the Uffizzi platform options:

OptionModeYou Install and ManageBenefits
Uffizzi CloudHosted (SaaS)---No need to manage infrastructure
Uffizzi BusinessSelf-hostedData planeBalance of control and ease of use
Uffizzi EnterpriseSelf-hostedData plane & control planeMaximum control

Uffizzi Dedicated is also available for teams who want a SaaS experience with a dedicated instance of the Uffizzi platform. To inquire about Uffizzi Dedicated, email