Uffizzi Enterprise

Install Uffizzi Enterprise

Uffizzi Enterprise lets you install both the data plane and control plane components of Uffizzi on a Kubernetes cluster that you own and operate.

This option represents a closed-loop configuration that is recommended for users who want maximum control or who require an air-gapped configuration.

To get started with Uffizzi Enterprise, please contact sales@uffizzi.com to access installation instructions and start your 14-day free trial.


The following pre-requisites are required to install Uffizzi:

  • Create a Uffizzi account (opens in a new tab) (to activate your 14-day free trial)
  • Kubernetes cluster (version 1.19 or greater)
  • A node with at least 2 CPU core and 6GB of memory (4 CPU cores and 12GB of memory recommended)
  • A domain to use for the Uffizzi API hostname (e.g. uffizzi.example.com) and permission to update your DNS records
  • A business email address (required for letsencrypt certificate generation)

What will be installed?


Uffizzi CLI requests are sent to the Uffizzi Cloud API (app.uffizzi.com), which then forwards the request to your instance of the Uffizzi Controller. The Uffizzi Controller then communicates with your instance of the Uffizzi Cluster Operator to perform the requested action on the host Kubernetes cluster.

Uffizzi Architecture

Contact Sales to Install

To start your free trial, please contact sales@uffizzi.com. We will provide you with instructions on how to install Uffizzi Enterprise on your Kubernetes cluster.