Core Concepts
Compose Environments

Compose Environments

In addition to Kubernetes virtual clusters and dev clusters, Uffizzi supports ephemeral environments created from Docker Compose files. Compose environments are useful for previewing multi-container applications on Uffizzi without the need to create a full Kubernetes virtual cluster. Compose environments are also useful for previewing applications that are not yet ready for Kubernetes.

Uffizzi-flavored Compose

Since Docker Compose is designed for local development, there are some discrepancies when translating this configuration into a cloud-based environment, most notably the concept of an Ingress. Therefore, Uffizzi uses its own flavor of Docker Compose, which we call Uffizzi Compose.

A Uffizzi Compose file is used to define and preview multi-container applications on the Uffizzi platform. Based on Docker Compose, a Uffizzi Compose file is a structured YAML format that provides Uffizzi with configuration details needed to preview an application. Uffizzi Compose utilizes the Docker Compose custom extension field, x-uffizzi, to specify configuration options used by Uffizzi. This means that all Uffizzi Compose files are valid Docker Compose v3.9 files; however, the reverse is not necessarily true since Uffizzi only supports a subset of the full Docker Compose specification.