Manage Uffizzi projects

uffizzi project [SUBCOMMAND] [OPTIONS]

project create

Create a new Uffizzi project

--descriptionProject description. Max of 256 characters.
--nameName for the project to create
--slugA URL-compatible name used to uniquely identify your Uffizzi project. If a slug is not provided, Uffizzi will automatically generate one.

project delete

Deletes a Uffizzi project witht the given slug.

uffizzi project delete my-app-xc8fw

project describe

Shows metadata for a project

uffizzi project describe [OPTOIN]
--outputFormat output as json or pretty

project list

List all projects for a user's account

uffizzi project list

project secret

Manage secrets for a project

uffizzi project secret [SUBCOMMAND] [OPTIONS]

project secret create

Create a secret from STDIN. Once added, project secrets cannot be viewed or edited—only deleted. Be sure to pass your secrets securely so they are not recoverable from process logs. For example, this command reads standard input piped from the printf command:

printf "my secret password" | uffizzi project secret create MY_SECRET - 

project secret delete

Delete a secret

uffizzi project secret delete [SECRET]

project secret list

Lists metadata for all secrets in a project

uffizzi project secret list

project set_default

Set the default project given with the given project slug. When set, all commands use this project as the default context unless overridden by the --project flag. See config for details about CLI configuration.

uffizzi project set-default [PROJECT_SLUG]

project compose (deprecated)

Manage the default compose file for a project. This command has been deprecated.