Install the Uffizzi data plane on a host Kubernetes cluster.

This command installs the Uffizzi data plane only, i.e. the Controller, Cluster Operator, and associated dependencies. It does not install the Uffizzi API. Requests from the CLI are routed through Uffizzi Cloud, while workloads run on your cluster.

uffizzi install [HOSTNAME] [OPTIONS]

Replace HOSTNAME with the hostname to use for the Uffizzi Controller (e.g.

This command accepts the following options:

--email (required)A business email address (required for generating letsencrypt certificates)-
--namespaceThe Kubernetes namespace where you want to install Uffizzidefault
--contextThe Kubernetes context to use when installing UffizziCurrent context

The output of this command is an IP address or hostname where your instance of the Uffizzi Controller service is available. Uffizzi expects this service to be publicly available at the specified HOSTNAME. Before you can create Uffizzi environments on your installation, be sure to configure your DNS to point HOSTNAME to the IP or hostname output by this command.

If you're looking for an air-gapped or local installation of Uffizzi, please contact or try the open-source version (