From a CI Pipeline

Using Uffizzi from a CI Pipeline

In addition to creating environments from the Uffizzi CLI or Dashboard, you can configure a continuous integration (CI) service to automatically deploy new environments for certain events, like pull request/merge requests. Each time your push a new commit, your environment will be automatically updated, and when you close a pull request/merge request, the environment will be deleted.

CI Examples

Before you add Uffizzi to your own project, you might want to first try one of the examples below. These examples use a pre-configured repo that:

  • Creates an ephemeral environment when you open a PR
  • Posts a comment to the PR issue with instructions on how to access the environment

CI Recipes

Once you understand the process end-to-end, check out these CI recipes for step-by-step instructions of how to add Uffizzi to your CI pipeline.