Uffizzi Open Source

Uffizzi Open Source

The Uffizzi platform is available as open-source software under the Apache License 2.0 (opens in a new tab). Uffizzi Open Source requires Kubernetes v1.19 or greater and installs via Helm Chart (opens in a new tab).

What's Included

Included in Uffizzi Open Source are the folllowing components: API server, controller, cluster operator, and CLI. These components together allow users to obtain the core functionality of Uffizzi ephemeral environments, including creating virtual clusters, dev clusters, and Docker Compose environments. These components also allow you to trigger environments from your CI pipeline and create end-to-end development and test workflows.

What's Not Included

Uffizzi Open Source does not include the following premium features:

Recommended Use

Uffizzi Open Source is recommended for users who want to evaluate Uffizzi ephemeral environments and/or who want to use Uffizzi ephemeral environments in a headless manner. Using Uffizzi Open Source also assumes you are capabale and willing to self-host Uffizzi on infrastructure you manage.

It is suitable for individuals and small teams less than 5-7 developers who want to use Uffizzi ephemeral environments for development and testing. It is not recommended for teams greater than 7, as it does not include RBAC—meaning you will have little adminstrative control over developers's permissions and their access to environments.

Install Uffizzi Open Source

To install Uffizzi Open Source, follow the installation guide on Artifact Hub: