Uffizzi CLI

Install the Uffizzi CLI

The Uffizzi CLI is the primary interface for interacting with the Uffizzi platform. It provides a set of commands for managing accounts, projects, and environments.

Uffizzi CLI is a standalone tool that works with either Uffizzi Cloud or a self-hosted installation of Uffizzi Business or Uffizzi Enterprise. Alternatively, you can to use the Dashboard web UI.


Download the Uffizzi CLI

Configure the CLI with the default API server

Uffizzi Cloud and Uffizzi Business users should select app.uffizzi.com as the default server:

uffizzi config
# ...
# Server: (app.uffizzi.com)

For Uffizzi Enterprise customers, use the API server URL provided by your andminstrator and enter it when prompted.

Login or create an account

Running this command will open a browser window where you can create an account or login to an existing account:

uffizzi login
# Login successful
# Select an account: (Press ↑/↓/←/→ arrow to move and Enter to select)
# ‣ jdoe
#   Acme Inc

That's it! You've successfully installed and configured the Uffizzi CLI.


It's a good idea to regularly check for updates to the Uffizzi CLI. You can update your CLI with the following command:


To uninstall the Uffizzi CLI, run: