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Uffizzi Enterprise

Uffizzi Enterprise

Uffizzi Enterprise offers the fastest, most cost efficient, and capable hosted Kubernetes Developer Platform on the market.

Uffizzi Enterprise is a robust, highly scalable and customizable platform that is designed for large organizations who want the productivity benefits of an Internal Developer Platform without the operational and staffing burden of building, updating, and maintaining a similar capability.

Uffizzi's unique solution allows Enterprises to outsource their Developer Platform while maintaining complete control and visibility. Enterprise directors will be given direct access to underlying infrastructure at the project level while Uffizzi maintains responsibility for the management, updating, and availability of all systems.

Uffizzi covers your every ephemeral environment use case - it can be used for remote and hybrid cluster-based Develop Environments, fully integrated CI Preview Environments, automated test environments, load test environments, ad hoc staging or release environments, and sales or demo environments.

To learn more see https://www.uffizzi.com/pricing (opens in a new tab). To get started with Uffizzi Enterprise or talk to one of our Solutions Architects contact sales or reach out on Slack (opens in a new tab).


The following schematic illustrates the architecture of Uffizzi Enterprise.

Uffizzi Enterprise Architecture