Quick guide

This table provides a quick guide for how to execute various actions related to preview deployments in the Uffizzi Dashboard (UI).

Create a manual preview Navigate to desired project. Select NEW PREVIEW.
Option 1 (From Compose): Select Deployment method > From Compose, then selct Compose > filename > DEPLOY
Option 2 (From scratch): Select Deployment method > None (from scratch). Manually add components, then select DEPLOY
Set-up Continuous Previews (CP) Navigate to Project > Specs > Compose
Sign in to GitHub (if not already). Select repo, branch and compose filename (e.g.docker-compose.uffizzi.yml)
CP must be defined within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Manage secrets Navigate to Project > Specs > Secrets
Select NEW SECRET. Enter secrets, then select SAVE & CLOSE
(Note: Secrets must be explicitly invoked in your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml)
Add environment variables Environment variables are added via your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Option 1: Use the environment object in your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Option 2: Use the env_file parameter in your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Add config files Config files should exist in the same repository as (and be invoked within) your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Reference the config files in your repo with the configs top-level element
Call the top-level configs with the service-level configs object
CP with a Uffizzi build Use the build: context: element in your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml where the value is your GitHub repo's URL
Use the continuous_previews option within your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Set deploy_preview_when_pull_request_is_opened: true
Set delete_preview_when_pull_request_is_closed: true
CP with Bring Your Own Build Use the image element in your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Configure your build system to tag images built from new pull requests with uffizzi_request_#, where # is the pull request number.
Use the continuous_previews option within your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Set deploy_preview_when_new_image_is_created: true
Set delete_preview_after: 24h
Share preview URL Share the preview URL to various third-party platforms
Use the continuous_previews option within your docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
Set share_to_[service]: true(i.e., GitHub, Jira, Slack, etc.)
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