Quick Guide

This is a quick-guide for how to execute various actions related to Preview Deployments on Uffizzi using either the Compose or Template Method to define your application - the reference below is related to the Uffizzi Web Interface (GUI):

Compose Method Template Method
Deploy a Preview 1. From Project Level- Select New Preview button 1. From Project Level- Select New Preview button
2. Select Compose Tab 2. Select From Template or From Scratch
3. Choose docker-compose.uffizzi.yml in Repo Option 1- Create from existing template or create new
Option 2- User Manually Adds Components
Set-up Continuous Previews 1. From Project Level- Specs 1. From Project Level- Specs
2. Select Compose tab 2. Select Template tab
3. Connect to docker-compose.uffizzi.yml in Repo 3. User chooses existing Template or creates new Template
4. CP is defined within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml 4. User selects CP Policy as part of the Template
Manage Secrets 1. From Project Level- Go to Project Settings Same
2. Select Secrets Tab
3. User Adds Secrets to UI as Write Only
Note- Secrets are applied to containers at run-time
Manage ENVs / Config Files Option 1- Include ENVs or Config in docker-compose.uffizzi.yml Add ENVs / Config Files to components in GUI
Option 2- Save within Repo and
reference the the File(s) within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml
CP with a Uffizzi Build User Specifies within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml User specifies CP policy in Template
i.e. continuous_preview:
deploy_preview_when_pull_request_is_opened: true
delete_preview_when_pull_request_is_closed: true
CP with Bring Your Own Build User Specifies policy within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml Feature Not Available from Template - not currently planned
Trigger is tag-based. Tag must = uffizzi_request_#
i.e. continuous_preview:
deploy_preview_when_image_tag_is_created: true
delete_preview_after: Xh
Share Preview URL User Specifies within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml- Check box in UI [Share to Github]
i.e. continuous_preview:
share_to_service: true (i.e. Github, Jira, Slack...)
Time-based deletion User Specifies within docker-compose.uffizzi.yml- Not currently supported, planned
i.e. continuous_preview:
*delete_preview_after: Xh
*Options are 1h to 720h
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